We are a family-owned business in its 3rd generation, and one of India's early pioneers when it comes to seafood exports since the 1970s. Mr.J.A Sathar Sait, started with Exports of Dried products of shrimps, fishes for the EU markets back in 1970’s. and Now for more than 35 years, we have been providing services to our Overseas clients for high-quality fresh as well as frozen seafood products from around the world for our valued and trusted clients overseas - all so you can enjoy worry free and safe business.

We have a wide range of products that we source from all over the world. These Include shrimps, cephalopods (such as squids, cuttlefish, octopus), fishes, crabs and lobsters processed either frozen or fresh depending on customer requirements!

We provide a wide range of frozen fish and seafood processed by Eu-approved, HACCP implemented processors. Thus supplying high-quality products according to buyers’ specifications and requirements. Eu-approved facilities ensure that the food meets rigorous standards before it hits your shelves while FDA-listed factories guarantee its safety through inspection cycles every few years!

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Our mission is to bring the taste of the ocean to every table by sourcing, processing, and delivering the freshest and most flavorful frozen seafood, while promoting responsible fishing practices and protecting the health of our oceans."


To be the leading provider of high-quality, sustainably sourced frozen seafood, offering a diverse and convenient product line to customers worldwide.

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